Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BlackMind (Game) Development

The first step in creating any kind of video game or phone app is a game design document (GDD). For the bigtime game companies the GDD is usually 30+ pages typed. Right now I'm brainstorming and developing a design for a game. No development team, sponsors, or partners yet, and still working at the dead end day job. There's about 15 pages etched out in a notebook, I haven't started typing it yet. It's still a ways to go with the GDD before development starts, but when I'm done I'll have enough plans to make a text-based(that means no animation) or graphic computer game or phone app. Can't afford to make a console game yet, you need to buy a license from the manufacturer. I'm new to the business of game development, but I'm going to keep news of my progress in the business, on the game I'm working on, and information I learn along the way here for others to use. Beginning C++ Through Game Programming is one of the books that got me started.

Another site that's good for references is Sloperama.
For more info on game development companies in your area you can also go to the International Game Developers Association's web site.

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