Friday, July 3, 2015

TPP: Opportunity and Power

 Knowledge is to supply yourself with facts. By adding on to those facts, you put yourself in a position of power and the ability or authority to bring about justice(knowledge add a cipher). In light of the news about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). I've seen a lot of people trying to fight it because of the cons associated with it, but there are many pros that the common man can take advantage of. Even with the current economic structure(s) there's opportunities available, especially for the Original Man can take advantage of.
 Doing the knowledge to the current global economic systems gives us equal opportunity to add on to our own power and stability, with the ability to represent and expand our culture to the national and global economic, political, and social arenas.
 For example, above is a shareholder voting form that I get every year from a major oil corporation I invested in. For the price of a pair of Jordans, I have the power to vote on decisions the company makes(ex. Forcing the company to publish its political activity, forcing the company to hire someone to monitor its impact on the environment, etc). And these changes were all proposed by other shareholders, Tyrone from up the block. So imagine if a group of people put their Jordan money together to get the power to vote as a group on these same issues. The company can be as good or as bad as it wants in the political, economic, and moral areas, but at the end of the day it has to answer to the shareholders knowing if it pisses us off too much, board members can lose their spot on the board, and we can take our money somewhere else. And on top of that, the company PAYS ME 4 times a year just because I put money on their books ONE time. I can pass that down to my seed, and if he's smart, he'll keep it, and be able to pass it down to his seeds or soil. And if we hard up for money, we can sell the stock and keep the cash.

You can make up all the conspiracies you want, and rant and rave about major corporations all you want, but true or not, they have no reason to listen to you or anyone else complaining about their operation if you're not a stakeholder in their operations - an owner, supplier, or customer. Stakeholders and the government are the two major groups that corporations, or businesses in general answer to. They set the rules that the business must follow (or work around) and use their money, or the law, to make that happen.

On the other side of the TPP, with Asian companies manipulating their currency exchange rate, the common man could, for example, buy a stack of ps4s or generic computers or tablets or whatever for a discounted rate, straight from the factory, and then flip them in his own community. The TPP got its pros and cons, but there's always been ways for the common man to take advantage right along with the big dogs.

Overall, regardless of the rules, regulations, or trade agreements that currently exist, or that will exist in the future, it's up to us as a community, and each individual to decide if they will be a victim of the changing times, a victor of the changing times, or a catalyst for new changes.

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